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We all need all the help we can get promoting our web sites! That's why I've compiled a list of fantastic resources for web site promotion. Every one of the links below offers a service or product that can be invaluable to you in your quest for search engine domination!

Promotion Links

Download KloakIt Now!
Don't forget to download KloakIt now. You need to have your pages protected by KloakIt before you start submitting them to search engines!

IHateGoogle.org is my own blog covering search engine optimization issues, industry gossip and various interesting tidbits.

PostAffiliate Pro
I recently (December of '07) installed PostAffiliate Pro as the affiliate program script for KloakIt. I am very impressed with its capabilities. It does everything! This program is much better than hosted affiliate program services I have used, and far less expensive. I heartily recommend it.

Great Marketing Tips!
Expert tips and secrets on how to promote your business online. I visit this site constantly to learn the latest and best ways to promote my various web sites. Sign up for their free newsletter! Do not overlook this site if you are serious about making a profit from your web site! This site also offers the best-selling marketing guide The Insider Secrets to Marketing your Business on the Internet. This set of books is worth its weight (a hundred times) in gold! I bought them and they are my marketing bible.

Hosting Links

Find Out What Web Server Software Your Host Uses!
This link leads to a webpage on Netcraft.com which will tell you the server software and operating system used by your web host. This information is important to have if you intend to install KloakIt on your website. The format of the query you should type is "www.yourdomain.com". Check out this extremely cool tool!

Here's a reasonably priced host that's fully KloakIt compatible.

TRK Hosting
Great service. Low pricing. Fully KloakIt compatible. Supports just about every Apache/Linux feature. I personally host several accounts here.

CGI/Perl Links

KloakIt Free Stuff
Growing collection of free CGI scripts written by KloakIt.

The Perl Archive
This great site has a large and steadily growing list of perl scripts. If you have a need in perl, they probably can meet it. Also, they check their links every day to make sure they are fresh. KloakIt is listed here.

FREE Perl Code.com
Check out this cool site with an excellent list of free and shareware Perl scripts. KloakIt is listed here.

The CGI Collection
Large collection of CGI scripts here for every use you can think of. Some are freeware, some are shareware and some you just have to shell out a few bucks for. KloakIt is listed here.

The CGI Resource Index
This site is dedicated to rounding up all the useful CGI scripts and other web resources out there! Find the script you are looking for at The CGI Resource Index. KloakIt has a listing here.

A collection of free CGI and mIRC scripts that is updated often. In their infinite wisdom, they chose to include KloakIt as one of their listings.

Other Stuff

Computer Hardware
Great deals on name brand computer hardware and great service with no hassles. U.S. based.

Secrets of Successful Websites
Get real life success stories and learn by example! I wasn't so sure about this website when I first heard of it but then I visited it and discovered that there are real nuggets of information here. It's fun to read about the stories of successful web entrepreneurs, but that's only part of the attraction. The real reason I keep going back is to learn about the actual techniques they used in their success, the software they use, etc. This subscription based website is a great way to learn how to get ahead of the game -- learn from others' mistakes and profit by their successes!

Incorporating Your Business
Since I began doing business on the web, I've met a lot of fellow business people. Most of them haven't incorporated their businesses -- a big mistake with today's high taxes and the vulnerability businesses have to lawsuits. Val-U-Corp Services, Inc. is a low-cost incorporating service that is dependable and quick.

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