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I call it KloakIt. It does everything you need in a cloaking script. It allows you to create unlimited cloaked pages... The URL of the cloaked page looks like any other URL so the search engine (or regular people) won't be suspicious. It can serve entrance pages custom designed for all the major search engines. The interface is web-based and really easy to use. Installation is very simple and can be done in less than a couple of minutes!

The first time I ran KloakIt on my web server I couldn't believe everyone wasn't already using a cloaking script. Then I remembered that I had the only one that was worth the electrons it was written in. This script is unbelievable! After you install it, all you have to do is enter a list of the keyword phrases you want to promote, click a button, and instantly you will have entrance pages for each phrase designed for each major search engine!

Here is a list of features available exclusively in KloakIt 3.5:

You can get a copy of KloakIt version 3.5 from me--risk free! All that I ask is that you use it on your website to keep your number one position on the search engines...and if you are crazy and don't like it, just shoot me an email and I'll refund your money.

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Now available: version 3.5!

Turbo-charge your search engine rankings!

Automatic entrance page generation!

Custom templates for the top search engines!

Make your ugly entrance pages invisible to humans!

Know which search engines are effective for you!

Discover your best search keywords!

Give the search engines exactly what they want to see!

Super easy to install!

Even easier to maintain!

Free automatic updates!

Guerilla promotion tactics for today's most competitive internet battles!

KloakIt Cloaking Software