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The Dos and Don'ts of Cloaking Software

Back when I started, I did a little research and found several cloaking scripts. Most will let you indicate one page that regular people will be sent to and one page for search engines. As a matter of fact, most of these so-called "stealth" scripts are actually detectable by the search engines. They use JavaScript or a "redirect" to send the visitor to another page. If search engines think they are being sent to a different page than was submitted, then *boink*, they stop right there! It's important that a real cloaking script "fly below the radar." Also, you want to be able to ave more than one page in the search engines, don't you? Of course! Everybody knows that you need dozens/hundreds/thousands of pages listed on the search engines in order to cover the maximum number of keywords. So these rinky-dink so-called cloaking scripts aren't for the serious web marketer (you might get by with one if you're just promoting your pictures of your toy poodle...)

(Pay attention to this next part...this is how it all really works.)
Another important consideration is the method by which the cloaking script detects a search engine. There are two detection methods, IP address detection and User Agent detection. With IP address detection, the IP address of the visitor to your website is detected and compared to a list of known search engine IP addresses. If a match is found, the entrance page is displayed. If no match is found, the visitor gets the page meant for normal people. With User Agent detection, the cloaking script tries to determine if the visitor is using a web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox. If the visitor is not using a web browser, the entrance page is displayed, otherwise, the normal page is displayed. The problem with User Agent detection is that it is unreliable because the User Agent is easily faked. Many search engines masquerade as web browsers to fool User Agent detection, and unscrupulous webmasters can visit your site while masking their User Agent and get the page meant for search engines. Both of these happen all the time.

KloakIt uses primarily the IP address detection method, although User-Agent detection is also available should you want to experiment with it.

One thing to think about that many scripts overlook is the ability to customize your entrance pages depending on which search engine is visiting one of your cloaked pages. Most cloaking scripts don't offer this feature but it is this very thing that will get you top rankings over your competitors.

The ideal stealth script should have several qualities. It needs to be able to:

Well, needless to say, I had a pretty hard time finding a stealth script that completely fit the bill. I found a few that came close... one cost over $1000 and the other cost over $500 and was nearly impossible to install... and it had an interface even I had trouble understanding (and I'm a web programmer!!) That's when I decided to write my own.

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