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User Agent Redirection

You can "redirect" non-search engine viewers of your cloaked pages based on the User Agent of their web browser. To access the User Agent Redirection area of the control panel, click the "User Agent Redirection" menu item. Web browser programs, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, identify themselves to web servers (and thus to cloaking software programs) with something called a "User Agent". Since each web browser has a different User Agent, it is possible to send particular browsers to different web pages.

Note: Some cloaking progams base their cloaking on User Agent detection. This software does not, because it is not as reliable as IP address detection.

To redirect a human visitor using the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser, you would enter part of the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser User Agent into the textbox on the User Agent Redirection menu. You don't have to enter the complet user agent... entering enough text to distinguish it from other User Agents is enough.

Here's the syntax:

User Agent###URL

The routine that matches user agent names in your list with the user agent name used by the browser uses "pattern matching", so if you use "mozilla" in your list, any user agent with the word "mozilla" as part of the user agent will be redirected. This means that if you use "mozilla", "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98; T312461)" would be redirected. The pattern matching is case insensitive.

Here is an example of some User Agents entered into the User Agent Redirection Menu textbox:

The above example would send someone using the Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 to the http://www.cpan.org/ website. It would send the MarkWatch trademark violation reporting robot to the http://www.markwatch.com/ website.

The redirection technique used is completely invisible to the viewer.

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