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Troubleshooting CGI scripts, especially sophisticated scripts like your cloaking software can sometimes be aggravating, so I've come up with a few tips that might help, should you have problems.

Check the Shebang Line

If a CGI script doesn't work, the first thing to check is the "shebang line" of the script. The "shebang line" is the first line of the CGI script. In the case of your software, the shebang line looks like this:


This line is also known as the "path to Perl". What this line does is tell the webserver the correct path to the Perl interpreter, so the CGI script can run properly. Check your web host's documentation to find the correct path to Perl (shebang line) and make sure this is correct. To correct it, open the install.cgi file in a text editor, and edit the first line of the file, then save it.

Check the Modules

Your cloaking software makes use of several Perl modules, and if these modules are not installed on your server, the program could fail, causing errors. The modules are already installed on most web servers, but occasionally I run across a server without them. The good news is, the modules are available for free. The bad news is, your server administrator must install them. The bundle of modules is called the libwww-perl bundle, and it can be downloaded here: http://search.cpan.org/dist/libwww-perl/.

Check Your Cloaked Pages

Once you have installed your cloaking software and created a few cloaked pages, you would be well advised to make sure they are functioning properly. Here is the procedure for testing them. If they do not function properly, Here are some possible problems/fixes:

The page is blank, and when you view the source code, all you see is <!--#include virtual=\"page.cgi?$cloaked-page-name.htm\" -->
This problem is usually caused by using a filename extension for the cloaked pages that your server does not like. Go to the Options settings and try the ".shtml" filename extension.

You can see the cloaked page, but none of the graphics are working.
This problem is caused by an HTML tag that your cloaking software generates and inserts into the "human version" of the cloaked page. The tag is called a BASE HREF tag. It contains a baseline URL for any graphics, scripts, etc. to use if they are linked to using relative URLs, like "images/something.jpg". Occasionally, the BASE HREF tag generated by your cloaking software is incorrect, and you have to go to the Options settings and provide a corrected version.

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