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Testing Your Cloaked Pages

The first thing you should do after creating a new cloaked page is to test it to see that it works, and to familiarize yourself with how the template system works.

Testing a cloaked page is pretty simple. Here are the steps:

  1. Click the List Pages menu item. This will display two lists of your cloaked pages. The first list is in a text area, and the second list is hyperlinked. Click on a link to one of your cloaked pages.

  2. You should see the page meant for human surfers. Check to make certain all the graphics, JavaScript and stylesheets are working properly. If not, check the troubleshooting section of the documentation. Click your browser's back button to return to the listing of cloaked pages.

  3. Next, hold your mouse cursor over the IP Lists menu item. A submenu will appear, listing the various IP Lists. Click on the top one, MSN. The list of IP addresses for MSN will be displayed in a text area. On the second line of the list, which should be blank, input your IP address. You will see that your IP address is displayed near the top of your control panel. You can copy and paste it if you like. Make sure there are no blank spaces after the last digit, then save the list by clicking the Save button.

  4. Now, click the List Pages menu item again. Click on the link to the same cloaked page that you viewed before. Click your browser's "refresh" button. You should see the page that will be displayed to the MSN search engine robot. This page was generated by the template that is assigned to MSN. Note that if you make changes to this template, the changes will automatically and instantly be reflected in all of your cloaked pages as soon as you save the template.

  5. Click your browser's back button to go back to the list of cloaked pages. Then, remove your IP address from the MSN IP list.

A great way to learn how the templates work is to experiment with the various template codes and then view the results in your cloaked pages.

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