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Random Text

To access your random text screen, click the "Random Text" menu item.

One thing you want to avoid is having your cloaked pages look too much alike to the search engines. You can use the Random Text feature to insert randomly selected lines of text into the pages. To do this, you use the #randomtext# tag.

Everywhere you have a #randomtext# tag inserted in your template, when the page is displayed to a search engine, the #randomtext# tag will be replaced by a randomly selected line from your "random text list".

On the Random Text Menu is a textbox. In that textbox, you should put lines of text. The lines can basically be as long as you want. It's best to use a lot of random text tags in your templates, so you will want to have a lot of lines of text to choose from. Note that you can leave blank lines in here as well.

The random text that is randomly chosen for a page will be the same every time the page is loaded. If you want different random text to be used every time the page is loaded, you can use a different random text tag. It is the #randomtextdymanic# tag.

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