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Randomizing Your Results

If you use your software to create 50 cloaked pages, you certainly don't want those 50 pages to appear too much alike. Search engine algorithms are extremely sophisticated and can tell when pages are similar. If pages are two similar, they may be penalized or left out of the index alltogether.

There are many ways to make your cloaked pages different from one another, even if the same template is used to generate all of them. These include Random Text, Secondary Keywords, Tertiary Keywords, Random Interior Links and Random Exterior Links.

Instructions for using the particular methods can be found by following the links above, but this page deals with the strategies behind each method.

Random Text Strategies

The random text features of your software make it an extremely powerful doorway page generator (cloaked or not). These features allow you to create hundreds of unique pages in an easy and simple process, and it uses your own text to do so.

In order to work properly, you must input some text for the software to work with. In the random text screen of the control panel, you'll find a text box with room for you to type a bunch of lines of text. What I like to do is if I have a product brochure or some literature already made up, I copy some of that text and paste it right into my control panel. Each line in the text box will be considered a separate "item" of random text. Each line can be as long as you like, either several sentences long, a few words, or even just empty.

I tend to have about 50-100 lines in my random text. That way, if I use a lot of #randomtext# codes in my templates, the text isn't repeated.

I do use a lot of #randomtext# codes in my templates, because I want the majority of the text on the cloaked pages to be generated randomly, so as not to make all the cloaked pages too similar. That way, I end up with a lot of content on the cloaked pages, and all the content makes sense.

It is important that the text you use for your random text have something to do with the topic of your website... it helps to build a theme for your cloaked pages and will help your rankings in general. You can use HTML in your random text, and you can even use your cloaking software's special template tags, like #keyword# and #randomlink#.

Secondary and Tertiary Keywords

Secondary and Tertiary Keywords are lists of words/phrases you can insert into your cloaked pages, and they are chosen at random. Basically, any time you use a #secondarykeyword# code in your template, a word/phrase from your list of Secondary Keywords is chosen at random from your list and used to replace the #secondarykeyword# code. Tertiary Keywords work the same way.

A lot of people use the Secondary and Tertiary Keyword features to build lists of keywords for their keywords meta tag, for synonyms to their primary keywords, or just to sprinkle extra keywords/phrases into their random text.

Some clever people have adapted these features to allow them to insert randomly chosen images, links, or whatever into their cloaked pages.

Random Links

There are two random linking features built in to your cloaking software... interior random links and exterior random links. The difference between them is that interior random links point only to cloaked pages generated by your cloaking software. Exterior random links can be a link to any web page.

You would use interior random links in order to get a search engine spider to visit your other cloaked pages by following the links to them. While your software can automatically generate a list of all your cloaked pages at the bottom of each cloaked page, many people turn this feature off so they can generate a more customized list of links using the interior random linking feature.

The exterior random link feature is somewhat more flexible. It allows you to save a list of links (and text describing those links) and then pick at random from that list. You can use this feature to link to your other domains. I recommend doing this sparingly... you do not want to create a network of cloaked sites that link only to each other and your primary domain... this will be recognized by the search engines and you could be penalized for it.

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