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Creating Cloaked Pages

To create new cloaked pages, you click the menu item "Create Pages". You'll be taken to the "Creating Cloaked Pages" area of the Control Panel.

This is where you create new cloaked pages. Cloaked pages are very easy to create. The first step is to come up with a list of "keyword phrases" for which you want to achieve good search engine listings. Call this your list of "primary keyword phrases". You should put this list in the textbox displayed on the Creating Cloaked Pages menu.

Each primary keyword phrase should be on its own line. You should not use any punctuation in the keyword phrases, such as commas, periods, hyphens, etc. Use only letters and numbers.

Below is a sample of valid primary keyword phrases in a textbox.

A cloaked page will be created for each primary keyword phrase. Each cloaked page is named after the primary keyword phrase with which it is associated. For instance, the phrase "search engine optimization" would create a cloaked page named "search-engine-optimization.htm".

After you are finished entering the primary keyword phrases, you can click the "Create Cloaked Pages" button to save your new cloaked pages.

Special Cloaked Pages

There are two special types of cloaked pages. One is the index page and the other is the sitemap page. You can create an index page by using "index" as the primary keyword phrase. A sitemap page is created by using "sitemap" as the primary keyword phrase.

The index page is used as the default cloaked web page for the directory where you installed your cloaking software. You use the Options Menu to set the primary keyword phrase for the index page.

The sitemap page is used to generate a list of links to all the cloaked pages. There is no primary keyword phrase associated with the sitemap page.

Existing Cloaked Pages

On the menu for creating cloaked pages, there are two textboxes. The top one is for typing the primary keyword phrases for new cloaked pages. The bottom one is for displaying the primary keyword phrases for cloaked pages you already have. You can also display a list of the URLs of your existing cloaked pages by clicking the List Pages menu item.

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