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Managing Your IP Lists

Your software comes with lists of IP addresses. What are IP addresses? Well, basically, every computer on the internet (including the one you're using now) has a unique number assigned to it called an IP address. Search engine spiders, like any other computer connected to the internet, also have IP addresses. The search engine spiders' IP addresses are known and recorded in your software's lists. Recognizing the IP addresses of search engine spiders is the key behind how your cloaking software works.

There are 12 different lists of IP numbers. Here they are:

The Types of Lists

The first eight lists (Fast/AllTheWeb - Misc) contain IP numbers for various search engines, grouped into categories for each major engine. The Misc list contains IP numbers for a multitude of engines.

The Custom List 1 is empty by default, but you can use it to enter IP numbers to create your own list. Custom List 2 is also empty by default and allows you to create yet another list.

The Exclude List is empty by default. If you enter an IP address into the Exclude List, a viewer from that IP address will always be shown the human page and never the template based page shown to search engines.

The Sucker List is also empty by default. If you enter an IP address into the Sucker List, a viewer from that IP address will always be shown the "Sucker URL" when viewing a cloaked page. You can set the Sucker URL in the Options menu. By default, the Sucker URL is the same as your "normal page".

Turning Cloaking On or Off for Specific Lists

Above each list of IP numbers for lists one through ten (Fast/AllTheWeb - Custom List 2) is an indicator showing whether cloaking is "on" for that particular list. If the box is checked, then cloaking is on for that list. To turn cloaking off, uncheck the box and click the save button. If cloaking is off for a particular list, then a viewer from any IP address on that list will be shown the "normal page" meant for humans instead of the template based page meant for the search engine.

IP Lists Match Templates

Note that for lists one through ten (Fast/AllTheWeb - Custom List 2), there are matching templates. These templates are used to generate the web page that is shown to the viewers whose IP addresses are in the lists.


Your IP lists are updated automatically from the IP Lists located at http://www.iplists.com/new/. You can turn automatic updating off or on by using the Options menu. An update is checked for each time you log in to your control panel. You can also set an option to check for an update when a cloaked page is "hit". An update will be checked for a maximum of once per day.

You can manually force an IP list update by choosing the "Update IP Lists" option on the IP Lists submenu.

When an update happens, the new IP addresses are added to the bottom of the IP lists, and the date of the update is noted.

You can "mirror" the IP Lists located at iplists.com by choosing the "Mirror Master IP Lists" option on the IP Lists submenu. If you mirror the IP Lists, it means you will lose any changes you have made to IP Lists one through eight (Fast/AllTheWeb - Misc), because they will be replaced with exact copies of the Lists stored on iplists.com.


You can insert "comments" into an IP list by using a # symbol at the beginning of your line of comments. Comments include any text that is not an IP number or hostname. Note that you can use hostnames instead of IP address in your lists, but it is recommended to use the IP addresses in addition to the hostnames.


You can put your own IP address into an IP List to make your cloaked pages think you are a search engine spider. That is how you can test your templates to make sure they work.

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