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You can see logs of the activity of your cloaked pages by using the Logging submenu. More information about the logs can be found in the Analyzing Your Logs section of the documentation.

Recent Entries

The last 500 hits to your log will be shown if you select the "Recent Entries" option on the Logging submenu. If you see a hit with a # symbol in front of it, that hit was made by an IP address listed in one of the IP Lists. Hits without the # symbol were from unknown IP addresses (or possibly you had cloaking turned off for one of your IP Lists and were hit from an IP address from that list).

It's also possible to display a "clickable" list of log entries. You can click on the "Show log with clickable referrers" link and a temporary page will be created where the referring URL of the "hit" is hyperlinked. You can click on it to go to the search engine listing where your cloaked page is found.

Complete Log

You can download your complete access log by choosing the "Complete Log" option on the Logging submenu. The format is the same as the Recent Entries log, but you can see the entire log. After the log is displayed in your window, you can save it on your local computer, if desired.

Split Entries

You can separate the last 500 entries of your log into two lists: one for human visitors and one for search engine visitors. Choose the "Split Entries" option on the Logging submenu to activate this feature.

Suspected Spiders

Your software will keep track of the hits where the IP address was not in any of your IP Lists, but the hit is still suspected of being a spider. A hit is suspected of being a spider when the User Agent of the viewer is similar to that of a known spider or if the User Agent does not contain the string "mozilla". You can edit and save this list for your convenience.

Clearing the Log

You can delete all your old log entries by choosing the "Clear Log" option on the Logging submenu. It is recommended to do this occasionally so your web server space isn't filled up with logs.

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