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Secondary Keywords

Secondary Keywords are used to help build "theming" in your cloaked pages. Secondary keywords can be synonyms or other phrases related to your primary keywords. It's best to have a long list of secondary keywords and to use them heavily in your templates.

You use secondary keywords by inserting a "tag" into your templates. The tag is #secondarykeyword#. When a search engine views a cloaked page, anyplace in the template where a #secondarykeyword# tag appears will be replaced with a randomly selected secondary keyword phrase.

You edit your secondary keywords by adding them in the textbox in the secondary keyword menu. Put one secondary keyword phrase on each line.

The keywords are selected randomly each time a #secondarykeyword# tag is used, but when you use multiple tags, the entire list is cycled through before a keyword is repeated.

Tertiary Keywords

Tertiary keywords work in the same manner as secondary keywords... they just provide a separate list to draw from. They are optional. To use a tertiary keyword, use the #tertiarykeyword# tag.

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