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Creating and Editing Custom Templates

To create or edit custom templates, click the "Custom Templates" menu item.

You can create and edit custom templates that will replace the template that would normally be used for a cloaked page. You specify that a custom template be used in the "Customizing Individual Cloaked Pages" menu.

Custom templates are used for any IP address that is in any IP address list. What this means is that if you have a custom template specified for a particular cloaked page, then that template will be used instead of the particular template assigned to a search engine. The best way to explain this is with an example.

Say you have a cloaked page with a custom template assigned to it. Alta Vista's spider (Scooter) visits the cloaked page... the IP address of the spider is in the Alta Vista IP List. Since there is a custom template assigned to the cloaked page, the spider sees a web page generated from the custom template instead of the Alta Vista template.

Picking a Custom Template to Edit or Delete

If you have already created one or more custom templates, there will be a list of custom templates which you can edit. To edit a custom template, pick the one you want, and click the "Edit Template" button. Refer to the instructions here for help with editing templates. If you want to delete a template, select the one you want to delete and click the "Delete Template" button.

Creating a Custom Template

To creat a custom template, you have to supply a name. The custom template will be stored in a file with the filename extension ".template". The name you supply will become the first part of the filename. For example, if you name a template "template1", then the filename will be "template1.template". Once you create a new template, you will be taken to the editing screen.

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