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Running KloakIt PHP Lite With RSSGM

If you are running RSSGM and would like to cloak your pages, you can do so with KloakIt PHP Lite. Here are the steps to implement it:

  1. Create a subdirectory of your main directory and install KloakIt there.
  2. Edit the k.php script (KloakIt PHP Lite) and set the configuration how you like it. I recommend setting your human and spider pages within the k.php script here

    # You can set defaults here
    if (!$humanURL) { $humanURL = "http://www.somedomain.com/";} if (!$spiderURL) { $spiderURL = "http://www.somedomain.com/";}

    instead of at the point of the include, just for the sake of making the code easier to read.

  3. Edit line 61 of k.php so the $writedir variable contains the relative path to your KloakIt data directory. It should look something like:

    $writedir = "kloakitdirectoryname/data";

    Warning: do not add a trailing forward slash after the data directory's name.

  4. Upload the k.php file to the same place your RSSGM pages will be created (this is usually the main web directory).

  5. Edit the file generator.php in your RSSGM installation. Add this line at the beginning:

    $k_lite_include = "<?php include('k.php'); ?>";

    Then, around line 52, change it to:

    $site_inc = $siteip.$k_lite_include."<?php include('$site/".$rssgmfoldername."/$template_pages?keyword=$keywords_dashes[$counter]&yourip='.\$clientip); ?>";

    Around line 65, change it to:

    $index_code = $indexip.$k_lite_include."<?php include('$site/".$rssgmfoldername."/$template_index?yourip='.\$clientip); ?>";

    Around line 84, change it to:

    $sitemap_code = $sitemapip.$k_lite_include."<?php include('$site/".$rssgmfoldername."/$template_sitemap?yourip='.\$clientip); ?>";

    Here's a link to a completely edited version of the generator.php code for you... keep in mind that it might be outdated if you copy it (due to revisions in RSSGM).

  6. Update your generator.php script with your edited copy and generate your pages! They will be cloaked, and will obey the settings of your KloakIt control panel.

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