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Using Static HTML Doorway Pages

There may be times when you want to create standard (non-cloaked) HTML pages based on your templates. It is very easy to do! To work with static HTML pages, hold your mouse over the "Static Pages" menu item, and choose whether to create new static pages, list the static pages that already exist, or to delete static pages that already exist.

Step 1: Choose the template you want to use to create your static page(s). You can use any template, including one of your custom templates


Step 2: Choose a name suffix. This step is optional. You might want to put a "suffix" on the filename of your static pages to differentiate them from any other static pages you have created. The suffix goes right before the dot (".") in the filename.

Step 3: Choose the filename extension. By default, the extension is ".html" but you can use any filename extension you like.

Step 4: Enter your primary keyword phrases. Enter a primary keyword phrase for each static HTML page you want to create. Each primary keyword phrase should be on its own line. Use letters and numbers only in the primary keyword phrases... don't use any punctuation.

Step 5: Click the "Create Pages" button.

After the pages are created, a list of the static pages you created will be displayed. The list is hyperlinked. If you click on one of the links, the static page will be opened in a new window. Note: the static pages will be saved in a subdirectory called "stathtml". You can move them to a different location on your server using an FTP program, but if you do, they will not be listed (see below).

Listing Static HTML Pages

You can list your existing static HTML pages by by choosing the "List" menu item in the "Static Pages" submenu.

Deleting Static HTML Pages

You can delete one or more static HTML pages by choosing the "Delete" menu item in the "Static Pages" submenu. Select the page(s) you want to delete and click the "Delete" button. You can use the [Shift] and [Ctrl] keys to aid in selecting multiple pages.

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