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Will this software run on my server?

This cloaking software was designed to run on Linux/Unix servers running Apache Webserver software. It also runs on Windows servers. The server must have the libwww-lwp bundle for Perl installed, available here. Server Side Includes must be enabled. This server setup is very common.

Does this software come with free templates optimized for the search engines?

While templates are included, it is highly recommended that you spend some time editing and revising them to fit your website. The included templates are really guides to get you pointed in the right direction on developing your own templates. They were not meant to be used as-is. If everybody used the same templates, they would quickly cease to be effective.

Will this software keep people from copying the content they see on my webpages?

No. There is no software that will do that. Do not be fooled by those marketing such products--there is always a way to get around them. If something can be displayed on a web browser, then it can be copied. You must rely on copyright law and treaties for your protection.

Is this shareware or freeware?

No. At one time this product was shareware but it is no longer. I offer a 30 day money-back guarantee, so purchasing a license is risk-free.

Can I use this software to copy other people's websites and cloak the pages so they never know?

No. Doing that would be against the law and you could face civil and criminal charges for it. Don't do it!

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