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Customizing Individual Cloaked Pages

To customize the behaviour of your cloaked pages, click the "Customize Pages" menu item.

There are three ways to customize individual cloaked pages. You can specify a different template be used for a particular page, you can specify that a different URL be used as the page that humans see when they view a cloaked page, and you can specify a different random number seed. Note that customization of cloaked pages is completely optional.

The way to specify which customizations to use (if any) is to edit the list displayed in the menu for customizing the pages. Here is the syntax of the list:

Filename#Alternate URL#Custom Template#Random Number Seed

Here is an example listing of three customized pages:

The first listing would show human viewers the web page from foo.com, but would not use a custom template to show to a search engine. The standard template for that search engine would be used. The random number seed would be "1".

The second listing would show human viewers the default "normal page", and would use a custom template named "customtemplate1.template". The random number seed is "2".

The third listing would show human viewers the home page from seo.com, and use a custom template named "customtemplate2.template" to show to search engines. The random number seed for this cloaked page is "3".

Instead of using a custom template which you have created using your cloaking software, you can specify the URL of a document on the web to be used as the template for a cloaked page. This gives you quite a bit of flexibility in assigning templates. The document on the which which is specified in this manner may or may not contain the standard template codes used in this software... it's up to you.

For your convenience, there is a list of custom templates displayed under the customization list. You can create or edit new custom templates by using the Custom Templates menu.

The random number seed is used to make the pages different from each other. Computer-generated random sequences require a "seed" to start the sequence. Having a different seed for each cloaked page means that each cloaked page will have a different sequence of randomness for their random text, secondary keywords, etc. You can change the sequence by changing the random number seed if you like. When a cloaked page is created, it is automatically assigned a sequential random number seed.

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