Search Engine Stealth Technology

Cloaking Technology

Luckily, there is a way to protect your site from search engine plagiarism. A kind of CGI script called a "cloaking script" can hide the source code that put you on the top of the search engines.

When I first heard of these cloaking scripts I thought they were a little sneaky. You see, I've been designing and promoting web pages since graphics on a web page was still an outrageous and amazing idea. I learned how to do it by viewing other people's source code. So it was only natural to assume that people might be viewing my source code, too... Little did I know that many web page promotion "experts" were simply stealing source code and submitting it to engines under their own domain names! The purpose of cloaking scripts is not to trick search engines into giving high rankings to pages with irrelevent keywords... their purpose is to keep people from stealing your rightfully earned place on the search engines... #1.

These scripts can detect if the viewer of your web page is a real person or a search engine spider... it serves your regular home page to a real person and a specially designed "spider page" to a search engine. The spider page is loaded with keywords and all the techniques that'll get a page high rankings on search engines. The cool thing is that WITH A CLOAKING SCRIPT, NOBODY EVER SEES YOUR CODE THAT GOT YOU THE NUMBER ONE LISTING!!! That means your #1 rank on the search engine that you paid so much in time and money for is finally safe!

The Dos and Don'ts of Cloaking Software

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