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Search Engine Cloaking -- Why?

KloakIt is no longer available for sale.

So you finally got your website ranked #1 on the search engines. Congratulations -- that isn't an easy thing to accomplish. I know. Web promotion is my life! And if you're #1, web promotion must be your life, too (most web promotors wish there was a little more to life, I must admit).

The problem with being number one on the search engines is that you have competitors who want to be there as much as you do. It's frustrating to keep submitting your site to the search engines only to see your competition keep the number one spot... That's why the smart ones check out your site and copy your techniques for getting to the number one spot -- suddenly you're not number one anymore.

I know I've seen it happen plenty of times. Some people will only see what you do and use it for ideas on their own sites. Others will actually copy your site word for word and upload it to their own website for submission to the search engines. Either way, you're out a lot of hard work and research. Maybe you paid a lot of money for top ranking... some promotion services charge an arm and a leg... they should -- it isn't easy to put someone on top.

Cloaking Technology -- IP delivery* is the Secret!

KloakIt is no longer available for sale.

Quotes From Users:

For the record ...Kloakit is the best cloaking software in terms of ease of use/cost/potential that there is..bar none.. !! And I own SEC/Fantomas shadowmaker and have used SEC...
Mike Williams

"Thought you'd like to know we are now getting some very good success with our Kloaked pages. It's been building and building steadily for sometime, across several of the main engines today I found that we currently hold the No.2 position on AltaVista.co.uk for both (keyword) and for (keywords). As I have said this is not the only success we are featuring well on Lycos, MSN, All the Web and more..."
Chris Rundle

"Just a note to say INCREDIBLE...downloaded the software, I'm registering next week. Templates are outstanding-most user friendly cloaking script I've seen. I'll definitely reccommend this to the people asking about cloaking scripts in the various seo forums"

"Fantastic program by the way, paid for itself many times over especially when Google decided to take a swipe at affiliate marketing last July."

"I just wanted you to know that I still believe KloakIt is a revolutionary product that far surpasses anything I have seen on the market."
Jim Reese, Jr.

"Just a quick note to tell you I really like the product. It was easy for me to install and suits my needs exactly!! Congrats - it's the best money I've spent in a long time! Thanks!!"

"I have compared the offers of more than five stealth-software vendors. KloakIt was by far the best one. - And now that I have registered it, I can see that it was the right decision."
Patrick Marx, Marketing Services

"You made a great script at an excellent price. I have been very happy with it. I have tried numerous cloaking scripts, Yours is the only one that actually worked for me. It was easy to install and use and is impossible for other webmasters to bypass looking for your real SE code. Only the SE spiders will see that."
Name withheld by request.

"Thank you for checking with me to see how my installation with your products went! I couldn't believe just how easy it was. I am limited with my script knowledge but it was just as simple as your site said it would be. In addition, I am very surprised at how easy it is to use KloakIt. I have been looking for a cloaking script for months now and most won't work with my server or they are just way out of my price range. I had the script installed and working in less than five minutes."
Leona Harvey

"I have to say that I am really happy with your script. I had some amazing results even if the whole SEO-Stuff is still sometimes a big "question mark'. I use it continually and will recommend it to other SEO."
Name withheld by request.

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*IP delivery is the generic term for the method of determining the identity of a website visitor and delivering content based upon that identification. KloakIt is not associated with Beyond Engineering.

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